Electronic Ballast Manufacturers manufacture the most important and the crucial part of the HID kits, whose purpose is to sufficiently supply the voltage for the ignition of the bulb and then further move the flow of current, If the ballast do not provide the sufficient amount the electric current to the kit and the bulbs it is highly possible that the bulb could be self destroyed quickly.

They actually makes ballasts which works as an igniter which supplies the initial voltage to the bulb which ionizes the xenon gas inside it. After the bulb is ignited the igniter stops and now its up to the ballasts to peruse the white light which is created by the bulb.

Electronic Ballast Manufacturers have come up with an exciting new product which is called “slim digital ballasts”. Among the multiple benefits of this new technology few includes,

  • Use of IC chips, which are not a part of regular ballasts.

  • Fault mode protection which helps in preventing open and short circuit protection.

  • Voltage safety (Over and under).

  • The Flashing of lights which is a major threat and complain from the users.

These digital ballasts manufactured by Electronic Ballast companies can be used in almost all cars without any alterations.

Posted by ELX Lighting