One of the most successful light industry event was scheduled to take place in June which basically means that the event is all set to commence from this week, people from all around the world will be visiting this LightFair International where energy efficient LEDs and other light products will be exhibited.

As for the theme of this year’s event, it has been chosen to be somewhat attention catcher and meaningful, “Integrated Design,” now why the event has been given this theme is because it shades light upon as to what ways can be adopted in order to solve important technology problems of the lighting industry.

LightFair shows that took place in past brought positive results by giving the lighting industry a boost, and now the way light products have evolved in the few years, no more capable, increasingly smarter lights efficient as well, are being produced.

40% of the world’s energy is basically consumed by the built environment, now with this rapid growth in the industry things are changing, the amount of light as well as saving energy can be taken care of by the advanced technology that has just been introduced in the modern world.

Let’s take an example of street light which can be very well visualized at the same time. one thing more should kept into consideration that the design of these lights has not changed much over decades.

Posted by ELX Lighting