●Optical system features: select imported chip, have excellent optical support rate and light high efficiency.It adopts surface mounted technology (SMT) to improve the thermal conductivity. Carefully design the structure of honeycomb and light, and effectively improve the efficiency of lamps.

●Driving system characteristics: adopt constant current drive, have short circuit, overvoltage protection function.

With excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no interference will be caused to other appliances and transmission networks, and the power supply has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

With wide voltage compatibility feature, tolerance of 20% voltage fluctuation.

Drive the power supply to make sure the elements are not corroded.

●The characteristics of heat dissipation system: carefully design the three-cavity independent structure to ensure the stable work of electronic components.

It is designed to provide a cooling air channel with air flow structure to ensure the service life of LED light source.

●The whole lamp structure features: using