Product Features: Streamline shape: shape streamlined design, natural dedusting, no fouling, so that lamps and lanterns to keep clean;

Horizontal convection: horizontal ventilation duct design, to ensure uniform LED cooling, improve lamp life;

Modular design: each module is an independent heat sink to reduce heat island effect, the module between the upper and lower convection to ensure that the hot and cold air to ensure lamp life of up to 50,000 hours or more;

High-performance parameters: the use of imported high-performance chip package, energy-saving lamps than the traditional 60%;

light distribution design: road uniformity of 0.7 or more, uniform illumination without spot phenomenon;

High color: restore the original color of the object, beautify the urban environment;

Angle adjustable: Horizontal installation of lamps, adjustable angle is ± 5 °

Applications:Highways, trunk roads, urban streets, flyovers, sidewalks, and other road lighting, as well as squares, schools, residential areas, industrial parks, parks and other places requiring outdoor lighting.