Flood Light Series LDB004

Modular design: each module is an independent heat sink to reduce heat

island effect, the module between the upper and lower convection to

ensure that the hot and cold air to ensure lamp life of up to 50,000 hours or


High-performance parameters: the use of imported high-performance chip

package, energy-saving lamps than the traditional 60%;

Good corrosion resistance: the use of stainless steel parts, surface treatment process can be 500 hours salt spray test, with excellent anticorrosion,

anti-rust, suitable for harsh outdoor environment;

High color: restore the original color of the object, beautify the urban environment;

Angle adjustable: 180 ° adjustable angle, into the lamp irradiation angle can be adjusted.


Parks, sculptures, the national green lighting projects, building facades

and public corridors, staircases and other indoor and outdoor lighting aisle;