Induction Lighting history

Generation 1:Origin(1891)

The Legendary Nikola Tesla demonstrated the wireless transfer of power to electrodeless

lamps in his lectures,and subsequently patented a system of light and power distribution on it.He predicted a new lighting technology basedon this principles will be "much more economical and yielding a light of indescribable beauty and softness than the traditional incandescent lighting"

(Tesia,The World 1929)

Generation 2:Laboratory(1907)

Nobel winner J.J.Thomson invented the high frequency induction lamp.Limited by the technologies of that time,the lamp was only a laboratory darling.

Generation 3:Evolution(1990s)

1990 PHLIPS,1994 GE,1996 Panasonic,1998 OSRAM,respectively launched their induction lamps,with no more than 150W,often unstable,costly,sometimes defective,lacked of wide and competitive commercial potentials.

Generation 4:Revolution(ELX in 2011)

ELX awed the world by launching the revolutionary "ELX" Induction Lamp series,up to 400W,with superior performance,exceptional stability,and the most competitive cost,an unlimited potential for mass commercial use.