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Why induction lamp?

How is it that an 85w induction system can replace a 150W HID system and the visual acuity is actually improved with the induction system.

Believe it or not, light generated by different methods produces light of different qualities, and our eyes perceive this light differently therefore affecting our vision.

Better quality lighting

Extensive research has been conducted to better understand Mesopic vision; more specifically how Scotopic vision which stimulates the photoreceptors called rods in the human eye to cause pupil confrontation and increased visual acuity. It was found that scotopically enhanced light appeared brighter even when light levels were reduced; thus the potential to reduce wattage while improving lighting.

The ratio of Scotopic light vs Photopic light in a lamp is called S/P ratio.This ratio determines the apparent visual brightness of al light source, induction lighting produces a high S/P ratio and this is why the 85w lamp appears as bright or brighter to the human eye than a sodium vapor or metal halide of twice the wattage.

Visual Effective Lumens(VEL) is a key factor in vision and many traditional lumen meters will not measure this conversion factor accurately.

Scotopic Vision

Human visual perception in low-light(night-vision), directed by the cells in human eyes.

Photopic Vision

Human color vision Under normal conditions during the day, directed by cone cells in the human eye.

Mesopic Vision      The combination between Photopic and Scotopic vision taking into account the total sensitivity of the rod cells in the eye for blue range, with the color perception of the cone cells.

Better quality lighting 2

Photopic (black) and scotopic (green) luminosity functions. The photopic includes the CIE 1931 standard (solid) the Judd- vos 1978 modified data (), and the Sharpe, Stockman, Jagle& Jagle 2005 data (dotted), the horizontal axis is wavelength in nm.

Long Term Performance

Induction Outperforms Significantly in all Key Measures

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Induction Outperforms all in Real-life Output

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ELX Induction Lighting Comparision



Return of Investment

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Reshape the Lighting Philosophy: Eye comfort, environment beatification and protection matter the most!




Restructure Industry Ecosystem : Induction significantly leads all other technologies.